Breaking news: Subscription plans for MW3 confirmed & detailed (Updated with video)

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Activision’s new Beachhead Studio is in charge of a “digital platform” that will make its debut in  the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 video game.  This platform is a subscription service called Call of Duty Elite.   “Portions of the service will be free” but most of the features are reserved for members who pay a monthly fee. According to Activision, the fee will be less than the cheapest Netflix plan. Some of the features to be included are:

-A Facebook inspired group feature to allow gamers who share various affiliations and interests get together more easily. This a free part of the service.

-A statistic tracking tool to analyze performance details after matches.  This will require some mulah.

-One years worth of “free” map packs for paying members.

-Added parts of the Elite service will be spoken about at E3.

Part of the money paid will also go toward the investment that Activision made in the implementation of the service and to customer service jobs relating to the service’s operations.

Take note though!  EVERYONE will be still be able to play online on their respective console for FREE (minus Xbox Live fees of course) when the game releases.

In conclusion, it is best we prepare to batten down the hatches and keep a firm grip on our digital budgets.  Depending on Activision’s success with this business model, it is only a matter of time before other companies try to do the same.

For more details, check out our other coverage here.

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  • jaypea360

    Depending on the price, and if you buy map packs, it may be possible to save money.

    But as the last part of the article says, if this is successful everyone will start these kinds of plans up and hold back content unless you got the cash.

    Activision…….what have you started!!!

    • Heartily agreed. THis is moment of flux in history, my friends. Let us pray now 🙂

  • What a joke! They’re already charging $15 for a map pack and now this…facepalm

  • Travis Bruno

    Yeah… this is ridiculous now. I don’t care how they try to explain it. Call of Duty is a decent franchise but pushing out a game every year, charging the most for any map pack reasonable, and now they are going to ask for what sounds like at least $8 a month to do something they should offer for free? I call b***s***.

    • Travis Bruno

      By the way, this sounds like it is similar to what Bungie was able to do with their statistic tracking all on their website free of cost…

      Only benefit I can see of using this service so far is the map packs for a cheaper price.

  • Megaman280

    This is the end of online gaming as we know it. “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

    • Ahh Star WArs, always there to save the day with quote. 😛

  • ITz Jok3R

    They still haven’t annouced the other content for this which will be told at E3…

    Which could make up for it depending on what it is + “free map packs for a year” it isn’t actually free because of the monthly payment but it would be cheaper.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t incourage others to do the same.

  • Billybob

    This is fucking bullshit, activision are money greedy pricks!

  • ericrulezd00d

    im a big cod fan but if this is true im not going to purchase this, yearly xbox fee/map packs/other dlc/now this? no thanx ill stick to bf3 major letdown on cod franchise

  • I stopped supporting Activisons CoD franchise long ago. I saw where the series was headed and didn’t want in. They’re only hurting themselves in the end.

  • Elvis

    If every1 boycotts it then it won’t be a success! Hope the yanks r listening! Everybody f;:k it off before there all doing it and f:;k it up for all of us!!

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