World of Goo coming to iPhone soon

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2D Boy has announced that the smartphone version of World of Goo is finished and has been submitted to Apple for approval, saying it should be available “soonish”. For those who have yet to introduce themselves to World of Goo, it’s a fanatastic game that has to be played to be truly understood and enjoyed. It’s already on WiiWare and PC and was understandably well-received on both formats.

It will cost £1.79 but during its first 24 hours on sale you can pick it up for just 59p. It will be a universal app, so if you’ve already got the iPad version you’re essentially getting it for free on your phone.

Unfortunately, anyone with a 3G model is out of luck as you’ll need a 3GS, iPhone 4 or third generation iPod Touch to run it.

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