Wii Play: Motion Set to release this June..

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If you own a Nintendo Wii there is a good chance you probably picked up Wii Play. The game included pool, table tennis, and the ever popular Tanks! as well as several other casual titles and was quite a value at the time as it was bundled with a Wii Remote. Wii Play went on to sell over 12 million copies worldwide and now it is looking like Nintendo is out to repeat that success with the newly announced Wii Play: Motion.

Though not much has been detailed at the time, Nintendo have promised that the games will include such activities as “catching a gust of wind by tilting an umbrella to fending off garden pests by swinging a mallet”. There is going to be 12 games in all and the game like it’s predecessor will come bundled with a WiiMote, but this time with the Wii Motion Plus built in. I am sure Nintendo will further elaborate on this title soon as the release for Wii Play: Motion is set at June 13th, and once we hear any more updates we will be sure to let you know.

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