Wield divine fire as Anjali in last Dungeon Siege III character reveal

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First we saw a woman that wielded magic firearms and then we saw a magical warrior fighting to get revenge for his family. After that we saw a genius mage who could bend the forces of nature to his will. But that doesn’t hold a candle to the last character to be revealed for Dungeon Siege III. Literally. Anjali is a legend come to life as she is an Archon, a spirit of fire given flesh.

Anjali was raised by a group of people who were sympathetic to the struggles of the Legion, but due to her upbringing she has no idea how she even managed to come to the world in which she lives, nor does she realize how powerful she really is. Anjali can change to her elemental fire form and throw fireballs at enemies from afar as well as inflict area damage with fire. Oh and did I forget to mention that she can also summon a Fire Jackal to attack her enemies too?

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