Thor Prepares for battle in new Trailer…

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With the date of Sega’s Thor: God of Thunder moved up to April 29th for Europe and May 3rd for the states, Thor literally is just hours away from hitting consoles. With that, Sega have now released a new trailer for the game based upon the movie which shows our hero preparing for battle. Now this trailer is a bit different from the actual gameplay trailers we have seen as it is fully CG-ified and features a surprisingly high presentation value while Thor grabs his hammer and evil rises from the depths.

The thing that makes me think that Thor will be quite different from other standard movie to video-game fare is that Sega have mainly been focusing on showing off gameplay in trailers rather than CG and this trailer is just about the only exception we have seen so far, so Thor very well could be quite a polished, action packed experience. We will have our own review coming soon enough though so stay tuned for that and check out this new trailer below. Thor: God of Thunder will be available of course for the Nintendo DS, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and then the 3DS later this year.

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