Soccer Superstars 2011 Pro Out Now On The App Store

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Soccer Superstars 2011 Pro is Gamevil’s latest fully featured soccer (or football) game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Complete with six diffrent modes: My League, Season, Exhibition, Cup, Dramatic and Match Mode, Soccer Superstars 2011 Pro is filled to the brim featuring 60 clubs, 79 nations and 3000 players. Soccer Superstars 2011 Pro features newly improve AI which allows for better semi-auto play mode and an enhanced My League and Season modes, where up to 8 legendary players can be recruited and customized.

Soccer Superstars 2011 Pro also feature new motions and shoot patterns such as header, free kick and corner kick along with super skills such as teleportation, high-speed dash and bullet-speed shooting which will surely make for some exciting gameplay. “Soccer Superstars 2011 improves upon every aspect of its predecessor and for the first time has been expanded with new online features,” said Kyu Lee, Head of Gamevil USA.


Soccer Superstars 2011 Pro is now available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on the App Store for $4.99




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