Skullgirls to use GGPO

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Let’s face it lag in online games can kill it for any gamer. This holds true with fighting games as it requires precise controls to pull of moves and combos. One delayed button press can make a difference between winning and losing. GGPO technology was made to allow people to play fighting games online just as good as good as playing next to someone in your own living room. However other than PC emulation GGPO has yet to be used in a commercial fighting game until now.

It has been announced that the downloadable fight game Skullgirls will be using the GGPO online technology in the game. President of Autum Games stated that using this tecenology in the game will enhance the games online features. This is something fighting game fans have been asking for a while now, let’s see if Skullgirls can convince the bigger game developers to implement it in the future. Skullgirls will be out on Xbox Live and PSN this summer.

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