Saints Row: The Third gets a gameplay trailer… sort of

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Yes that is what you think it is. No I won’t type it out for you so you can read it. But it is indeed that. But moving on Game Informer has acquired an exclusive and non-embeddable trailer for Saints Row: The Third and has it up on their website you can find here. The interesting fact about the trailer is it shows actual gameplay footage and is nearly a minute long so you better be in the mood for plenty of information.

Well… at least a little bit of information anyways. When the company names and warnings take up most of the time it is always a bit of a let down but in this case it is more of an early April Fool’s joke.

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  • v8hilux

    not a fan of the series that had to go overkill to try and topple GTA and they failed, they’ve got their own following but theres only one king.

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