Rabbids to Invade Just Dance 2 on April 20th…

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Today Ubisoft announced that they would be doing a crossover between two of their most popular series with some new downloadable content for Just Dance 2. Instead of the usual standard tracks though, the Rabbids will be heading an invasion on the popular Wii dance title. The reasoning behind this odd combination is that 2011 marks the 5th year since the Rabbids launched as a franchise and of course went on to make quite a franchise for themselves with many popular follow-ups and sequels, so now it is time for the lovable white mascots to party and dance the night away.

A trailer was also released for this new Just Dance 2 DLC which shows a Rabbid slowly jamming out and approaching a television with another Rabbid acting as the in-game sprite for the dancer on the game. It really isn’t clear on just what kind of DLC this will be at the moment though as it could just be the Rabbid model replacing the dancer or simply music from the Rabbids’ series being used. Thankfully, it won’t be too long wait to find out though, as this update will be available for download as of tomorrow for any Wii owner with a copy of Just Dance 2. Check out the trailer for yourself below and we will update you once more is revealed on just what the actual content will being in this Rabbid-filled download.

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