PSN outages to last for at least a couple of days says Sony

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If you turned on your Playstation 3 or your PSP today you may have noticed that the PlayStation Network is down at the moment. Both SCEA and SCEE have acknowledged the problem and have stated that the PSN is down for maintenance at the moment. Though due to the fact that this was not announced and only mentioned after the system went down, it means that other circumstances are involved. They recently released an update that the PSN will be down for either one or two full days before the service is up and running completely.

The exact reasoning for the outage is unknown and it also comes at a very unfortunate time as both Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat released on Tuesday of this week. Meaning that if you wanted to play with your friends on the PS3 then you are out of luck at the moment. We will keep you updated if any more news is released by Sony about these outages.

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  • Justin

    F%^#%$ YOU SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blakehu

    I wonder if they will tell what the problem really was. 😛

    • chaos2467

      i saw a worker for sony say it was hackers

  • darren resnekov

    from reading other sites Sony themselves have stated they are looking into it being from external sources, i.e groups like anonymous who have stated they will act on sont through psn and bring down the servers

  • Shawn

    I hope it comes back on soon as my son is doing my head in…any more info on when it might be back on ?

  • Peter Chao

    Just admitt it… dont you just want to strangle does hacker!!!!11

  • Peter Chao

    Look me up at youtube plzz

  • Welp im on my Ps3 as of now(Not online)….honestly i think its all b.s. uhhhh yea its been what 2 days….im not angry just extremely BORED…lol…..Hmmm yep yep i wanna get back on as soon as possible……uhhhh well da name is The_legion1 add me thats a second acc….i’ll add yuh if you do……just state who yuh are….

  • Blinx

    I no who u r peter chao man u are hillarious

  • Metro_Monkey

    Yer peter chao u r funny but i thought u on xbox?

  • a couple of days…. yeah right, clocks still ticking.

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