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It’s safe to say that we all love Pokemon, but with over 600 Pokemon spanning five generations to choose from, it can be hard to decide on your favourite six. If you could choose six Pokemon from any generation to make your own ultimate team, what would they be? The staff here at Capsule Computers share the six Pokemon that would be part of our “Pokemon Dream Team”. Happy reading, and tell us: what’s your Pokemon Dream Team?

Editor-in-chief: MasterAbbott

Charizard, Alakazam, Raichu, Venusaur, Wigglytuff, Blastoise

Senior Editor: Dustin Spencer

Noctowl (Alti), Tangela (Crinkles), Rapidash (Argo), Vanillish (Milli), Togekiss (Tegen), Wartortle (Torts)

Torts (Wartortle) – Back when Diamond & Pearl first launched, I picked up a Turtwig as I have always been fond of Pokemon with a turtle appearance. While I did indeed love my Turtwig, I wanted a decent water type at the start so I had a Squirtle Egg sent to my game. After nicknaming it and evolving once, I quickly equipped an Everstone on Torts and he soon became the leader of my team for the rest of the game. I have wiped out many foes with Torts with his Aqua Tail and Ice Beam, and to this date I cannot think of a team member I have been more attached to. Torts is currently a father of about 30 and happily married to another Wartortle (It’s a Ditto, but I just can’t break it to him).

Crinkles (Tangela) – Don’t diss the nickname. Back in the original Pokemon Red, I had a pretty decent team and made my way to Cinnabar Island. It was in a lab that I found a trainer wanting to trade me a Tangela for a Pokemon that I had at the time, so it was a done deal. Back then, Tangela was my top favorite of all the roster and something about getting it from a trade really got me excited to receive this one. After I traded, I noticed that the nickname was “Crinkles” and quickly wanted to run to a name rater and change it immediately but to no avail as “Crinkles is a perfectly fine nickname”. After all the training I did at that point and already making past the Elite Four, Crinkles stuck with me up to level 100 until my save battery died. Usually in every game, I catch a Tangela and name it Crinkles just out of the sheer memory of owning this odd little Poke.

Argo (Rapidash) – During my Champion battle in Pokemon Diamond, I was completely wiped out by Cynthia’s team and down to my last Pokemon. I only had a Rapidash to start with as that was one of the only fire types available at that point, so I felt I was pretty screwed as she still had three heavy hitters remaining. I pulled off a fire blast, knocked one out, a stomp, OHKO’d another, but when the very last member of her team delivers a huge blow which I was sure was going to take Argo out, but to my surprise I still had 1 HP remaining on my fiery steed. After a quick attack, the match was over and I gained a whole new respect for Rapidash and decided to use Argo for all future battles.

Alti (Noctowl) – Everyone knows that is HG/SS, you have a choice of an early flying type from either Hoot-Hoot or Pidgey. Seeing how many times I chose a Pidgey, I wanted to switch things up a bit and go for Hoot-Hoot. After evolving into a Noctowl, Alti became a powerhouse of my team and thanks to Hypnosis and other status effecting attacks, I have used her for many online competitive battles.

Tegen (Togakiss) – You know that Togepi egg that you get from Elm? I finally decided to just go ahead and raise it and see just what might come out of a Togepi once and for all in a Japanese copy of Heart Gold (I was impatient and imported when it was released there). After hatching and a few levels, I put this Togepi to the test in trainer battle. First move I used was Metronome, where this little Togepi cast one of the most powerful moves in the game, Judgement. Of course Togepi was the victor, but it didn’t stop there. Nearly every time I used Metronome, all the way up to the Elite Four, I have seen Hydro Pumps, Fire Blast, Aeroblast, Explosion, and many more of the most powerful attacks in the game come from Tegen which made me unleash it on many occasions when I had been in any tight spot.

Milli (Vanillish) – When I first seen the ice cream cone Pokemon advertised for Black/White, like most I thought the concept was pretty ridiculous. When I got Black and had the encounter with a Vanillite, I caught it for laughs and to go the extra mile, I named it Milli (Milli-Vanillite….get it?). I leveled Milli up a bit and it was for some reason still on my team by the 8th gym, so I put it in the front of my party to gain some levels. After evolving by winning the first battle from a much higher level opponent, Milli went on to take out the whole gym alone. Yes, this was due to it being a Dragon gym where the type advantage was in my favor, but either way it was my first big memorable moment of Pokemon Black and I will never laugh at stupid concepts for Pokemon designs again.

I know this isn’t exactly a dream team, but these are the ones I remember right off the top of my head for one reason or another which makes me favor them a bit more than a typical powerhouse. I have many other memorable catches, such as ThirdPlace, a Scyther who was beat by a damn Weedle in the bug catching contest as well as Storage, a Nidoran Male I caught in FireRed due to the fact that Nidoran were popping up like crazy when I was in a hurry to reach the Pokemon league (I’ll give you a guess where he still is too). That is why Pokemon is so popular though, everyone has a different experience each time you play through.

Senior Editor: Dylan Radcliffe

Alakazam, Gengar, Pidgeot, Dragonite, Gyarados, Mewtwo

I am a Psychic/Dragon/Ghost Trainer so a majority of my Pokemon I ever use in any game fall into one of those 3 categories in some way. Gyarados is technically a dragon even though it is a “flying/water” type, but a Majority of its moves are dragon moves and hence the reason why I count him as being a dragon type as well.

Alakazam – I hate the fact that you have to trade to evolve to the max; but nothing beats Alakazam. Plus, in later installments Alakazam gained moves that enabled you to steal stuff. You could make millions off of stealing gold nuggets from specific trainers who for some reason made their Pokemon hold Gold Nuggets.

Gyarados – Training a Gyarados from a Magikarp is both rewarding and fun. Plus, you can get a Gyarados really early in the game and essentially makes the rest of the game a lot easier until all the Pokemon that other trainers have start balancing out again. Also host to my Surf HM.

Pidgeot – I need a flying type to fly around with, plus Pidgeot kicks butt!

Gengar – My Ghost type of the group. Nothing beats a good curse, plus if you run into a trainer that actually knows what he is doing and manages to counter all your attacks with 1 specific annoying Pokemon then pull out Gangar and life link the Pokemon essentially stopping that specific enemy Pokemon from terrorizing your group and giving the upper hand back to you.

Dragonite – Dragons are sexy, get over it!

Mewtwo – Honestly, Mewtwo isn’t in every game. Like the other “Clone Pokemon” Above, not every game consists of every Pokemon. These clone ones are usually obvious as too who the clone is and I go for them immediately. The legendary of each games is usually incredibly strong and can give an upper hand in any battle.

Editor: Ben Webb

Glaceon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Flareon/Vaporeon, Espeon, Leafeon.

In Pokemon Silver, I speed-ran it with Cyndaquil and evolving it into Typhlosion, the rest of the party were used for the HM compatibility.

In Pokemon Pearl, I ran an all Eevee evolution party.

Leafeon, Glaceon, Espeon, Umbreon, Jolteon and the sixth alternated between a flying type and Vaporeon or Flareon, depending on what I was doing.

Sapphire (before it got stolen 🙁 ) I ran a Breloom with the rest of the party being there for HM usage. Probably wasn’t the smartest thing, but it was incredibly fun.

As for the other games, I was too young to remember which party I used. Though I ran those games more times than I count.

Editor: Roger Ma

Blaziken, Feraligatr, Espeon, Ampharos, Flygon, Scizor

Editor: Michael Irving

Lanturn, Excadrill, Froslass, Roserade, Toxicroack, Honchkrow

Lanturn: Lanturn is a perfect example of two types working together; being both Electric and Water, its standard weaknesses are canceled out by its second type. For example, Water is usually weak against Electric attacks, but Lanturn’s Ability uses Electric attacks to regenerate health, effectively turning that weakness into a strength. And if an opponent uses Ground or Rock type Pokemon to counter Lanturn’s Electric attacks, it can use Water attacks to wipe them out. All up, Lanturn kicks arse.

Excadrill is the only one from the current generation that makes my list. In each game I always have a Ground type in my party, as they seem to be super-effective against a lot of types. And Drilbur looks so damn cool, I had to catch him. And then he evolved. Being Ground/Steel, Excadrill has all the effectiveness of Ground attacks, with the defensive power of Steel. He always gets me through.

Honchkrow: Every team needs a Flying type to get around, and after discovering how useful Murkrow was as Flying/Dark in Pokemon Sapphire, I was damn happy to realise he was given an evolved form in Diamond. I ported him over as soon as I could, evolved him, and bam! Honchkrow is a powerhouse against Fighting, Psychic, Bug, Grass, and Ghost Pokemon.

Roserade joined my Diamond team by accident, and while he looks a gay flowery Zorro, I love him anyway. I originally wanted, really badly, to use Carnivine, an awesome looking Venus Flytrap thing, as my team’s Grass Pokemon. Despite being really weak and always fainting before doing much damage, I stuck with Carnivine for ages. Then I faced a Rock Gym, and recruited some extras to help. I trained up a Roselia for a while, evolved it into Roserade, and planned on using it only for the one Gym battle. Well, Carnivine predictably fainted without contributing much, and Roserade ended up taking out the entire Gym almost single handedly. And thus I learned the lesson; don’t judge by design alone.

Toxicroak is me unlearning the above lesson. There’s no obvious reason to go for a Poison/Fighting type, but Toxicroak looks cool. And he has been handy, with Fighting good  against Rock, Ground, Steel and Normal, and Poison being useful to slowly drain health from harder enemies. Plus, his Ability regenerates health if hit by Water attacks. Finally, a cool looking Pokemon that earns his keep.

And finally, Froslass rounds out my team, both from being strong and from falling into my team so memorably. In Sapphire I was training a Snorunt, simply because I found it in a cave after completing the main game and wanted to evolve it into a Glalie, just for my Pokedex. I stopped playing the game before i got around to evolving it, and when Diamond came out and i once again became addicted to the series, I went looking through Sapphire for ones that I could port over to get new evolutions. In Diamond, only a female Snorunt could evolve into a Froslass. Thankfully, the Snorunt I’d been so close to evolving was female, and Froslass became a much better team member than Glalie ever could.

Froslass is powerful mostly because it’s so hard to hit. As a Ghost, Normal and Fighting attacks do nothing on it, and using the move Hail straight up increases its evasiveness, as well as damaging the opponent each turn. Then it’s a simple matter of using Blizzard and Ice Beam. And if it gets close to fainting, Destiny Bond takes the opponent’s Pokemon down with it.

Editor: Kelly Teng

Ninetales, Arcanine, Blastoise, Sawsbuck, Lugia, Cobalion

Well, I like my Pokemon aesthetically pleasing as well as kick-ass. I have pretty much played every single Pokemon game out there, but I’ve built up a collection of my favourites and these were the first that sprung to mind. I love being diverse with the types of Pokemon I have as well.

Vulpix/Ninetales – eternally, Ninetales and Vulpix are my favourite Pokemon. I fell in love with them when I watched the show as a kid so no matter what game I’m playing or what team I’m putting together, I always try and incorporate one of these two. In my opinion, Vulpix/Ninetales is one of the strongest Pokemon you can get and it’s too damn lovable not too include.

Lugia – By far, one of my favourite legendaries. Lugia’s Aeroblast was one of the best things that ever happened to me, and it’s Silver over Gold anyday. The best thing was though, I could always teach it Fly if I wanted (it’s a massive waste, but hey, I like the option) and save myself from having to have a Level 30-something Flying Pokemon cluttering up my team.

Blastoise – I have always, always, always chosen the water Pokemon as my starting one. It’s not even a question anymore for me; no matter which it is I always choose it. However, Blastoise has got to be the one that is eternally amazing. The dude just looks powerful, and I’ve always felt like Hydro Pump coming from him is so much stronger than anyone else. I like having him there to teach Surf and Waterfall to as well…plus, who can forget that they can fight fires?

Arcanine – Truthfully, I do have a bit of an obsession with fire Pokemon (I would have included Ponyta/Rapidash too if I could have). Arcanine is one of the Pokemon I’ve wished exists in real life. He’s a beast with his fire attacks, and I’ve always found he’s a bit difficult to find in recent games so that’s made it frustrating for me to catch him.

Cobalion – One of my favourites from Pokemon Black. This guy’s back-story just drew me to him as a Pokemon. I’ve got the most amazing respect for this Pokemon (sounds so lame, I know), and he can learn Cut and Strength too…makes getting around a lot easier!

Sawsbuck – Since my starting Pokemon is always a Water Pokemon, I need a Grass type to help me fight those pesky Water Pokemon. I love Sawsbuck’s ability to change and adapt to different environments, and he’s got some great moves like Energy Ball and Horn Leech which make it a worthy Pokemon for my team.

Editor: Michael Marr

Scizor, Typhlosion, Jolteon, Mewtwo, Lapras, Tyrannitar

Jolteon: Probably my favourite pokemon of all time. It’s spikey, and the actual design is really well put together. Plus, it’s great to use in battle. Super fast speed stats and super high special attack means that Jolteon is a fast, and devastating electric hitter. Everyone always got an eevee at some point, but I only ever evolved it with a thunder stone. Back in the ages when all pokemon looked like they were designed for fighting and not to participate in damned musicals…

Scizor: Let’s face it people, for the most part: bug types SUCK. However in the pokemon universe, Scizor and Scyther are exceptions to the rule. Both have crazy high attack stats and scizor, VERY solid defense. Additionally, the range of moves they can learn are huge, making them great multi-purpose fighters. I chose Scizor over Scyther because it is able to boast it’s steel type defence in addition to what scyther already has. To my knowledge, i’m pretty sure that Scizor is by and large immune to super-effective attacks, from all types except fire. Also, Scizor’s hands are made from razor bladed claws, and he’s a magnificent shape of red, my favourite colour.

Typhlosion: I ALWAYS pick the fire type starter. (Except Tepig, because that thing is just silly looking.) And while I loved fighting with Charizard in the original game, I loved using Typholsion so much more. I think it’s partially the design of the pokemon itself. I’m not exactly sure how to put it, but Cyndaquill, Quilava and Typhlosion’s designs and abilities have held a greater appeal for me. Maybe because they get FLAMING SPIKES shooting out of their backs when in battle. And more to the point, in Generation II, players could see that some careful thought had clearly been put into the new pokemon designs, unlike the current gens which all feel like a rush job to me. Typholision is just plain cool looking, and powerful as hell.

Lapras: While I know most players tend to veer towards either the water type starters, or Gyarados or some other common water type, I like Lapras a whole lot more. In terms of stats, it has an insane ammount of health, high defense, special defense and special attack. On the design side of things, this pokemon practically screams: “loch-ness monster”, which I think to be pretty clever. And it’s actual design is quite cute, and yet intimidating at the same time. Despite it’s gentle, and almost harmless appearance anyone who fights against a Lapras will know they have a fight on their hands. Plus it has the capacity to learn ice-type moves, which always comes in handy fighting those bloody inevitable Dragon-types.

Mewtwo: Pokemon number 150 himself. When the first game was release, Mewtwo was the Legendary pokemon that all trainers aspired to catch. Now there’s like 50 or so of the legendary buggers, and that’s lost the appeal in my opinion. But come-on, thisa pokemon was friggin cool. It’s the smartest pokemon around and has some just plain deadly psychic abilities. I also loved how Mewtwo was given a unique storyline in the anime and movies, which made him seem almost human. In fact, his humanoid appearance is pretty cool, considering that his DNA was spliced from a tiny pokemon 1/5 his size. His in-anime demeanour and in-game abilities certify Mewtwo as the only offical badass pokemon in my book.

Tyrannitar: A very CLOSE second place for the role of ultimate”badass”. Tyranitar is the epitome of everything trainers don’t want to face. Being a Dark/Rock type is a volitile combination. While it has weaknesses to quite a few different types, it’s base stats more than make up for those weaknesses. Tyrannitars move set is devastating to say the least. It has the capacity to learn a majority of the most devastating pokemon moves known. Plus I also like the name and vicious looking design of the pokemon.

All kinds of awesome :) That's all you need to know.

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