Ocarina of Time 3DS UK and US release dates confirmed

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Nintendo has given Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS a European release date of 17th June, and a US release date of 19th June.

In the announcement, Nintendo also confirmed that the 3DS version will include the Master Quest mode from the GameCube re-release, which features re-made puzzles and  dungeons. The giant also solidified the notion that the game would feature gyro functionality, which is put to use in this case by physically moving the Nintendo 3DS console to explore and look around with a first person view.

While there’s no confirmation on the game’s release for Australia and New Zealand, hopefully Kiwis and Aussies won’t have to wait too long after everyone else to play through the fantastic adventure again with revamped graphics for the 3DS.

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  • Lets hope our adventure with Link begins between the 17th and the 19th of June. Any later would make us Aussies and Kiwi’s very mad !!!

  • ;drools;

  • ropes

    Ohh finally a fantastic Zelda game remade on the 3DS.

  • hopefully the 3d boosts this title and doesn;t damage it. alot of pointless imagery out there just to go ooh look its 3d, hopefully zelda doesn’t fall into that trap.

  • Zowwerz

    could go one of two ways with 3d, think it takes the nostalgia from it, but would love to give it a go and see! Maybe it could be far more awesome.

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