New Rurouni Kenshin anime is on the way

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The below picture is a page of Jump Square magazine from Japan that is announcing that a new anime series of Rurouni Kenshin will be coming soon. Exactly what the anime will entail has yet to be announced. Will it be a different storyline from the original anime that aired so many years ago or will it be a rework of the original with modern techniques adapted to provide a better viewing experience? No one knows yet but more details will be released in upcoming Jump Magazines says ANN.

The magazine also announced that the two OVAs of the series, Trust and Betrayal and Reflection as well as the movie, Samurai X: The Motion Picture will be released on Blu-Ray. Unfortunately no one knows whether or not these Blu-Rays will be released stateside yet but it is good to know that the anime that so many of us saw as children is being revisited and brought back into public view.

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  • Joseph

    I really hope that this new anime project will be a re-working of the original series, much like Brotherhood is to Fullmetal Alchemist.

    Finally getting the Enishi arc would be the best!!

  • Timothy

    I knew it.

    I knew that if I kept on hoping that one day, Kenshin would finally get the recognition it FULLY deserves, that it would come to being a new anime. Whether it be an all-original storyline, a remake that would build up to the Enishi arc that we’ve been waiting for, or a mixture of both like with Bleach and it’s manga story arcs/filler arcs, I don’t care. 🙂 I’m just proud to know it’s coming back. Back then, people were VERY lenient on fillers and that’s why it was cancelled, but we look at Naruto and Bleach…heh…and all the fillers the shows have dished out, and they’re STILL going on. I love both of those animes and accept whatever episodes are made for them. It’s a whole new generation. This time, Kenshin won’t be cancelled…not unless I have anything to say about it. 😀

    • dude, i completely AGREE WITH EVERYTHING U SAID

      • oh and the comment above. about the voice…
        was not towards u. i posted it on the wrong user, forgive me!

  • siren10101

    Yes a remake, i was so annoyed at how far it strayed from the manga when it was so good in the first place. Then again they still did a god job of it ^^ let’s hope they do a better job this time, and please oh please let Kenshin’s japanese voice actor not be a girl again, He’s 28 people.

    • dude, his voice was AMAZING.
      He did not sound like a girl, but didn’t sound like a macho guy either. I mean, his scream, it was deep, full of emotion and epic. how can u complain about his voice? it suits him so sooooo well! plus he acts like a fool sometimes, his voice suits him very well. Think, if his voice was changed, his personality would be so different and awkward to us. I think he sounds like a man either way, but not “deep” the most males, too deep.

  • blakehu

    New Kenshin, pretty awesome.

  • Zowwerz


  • Kel

    I’m so excite! I also hope it is a redo that does the entire manga canon justice. That would be so awesome to have the full story properly animated and I for one hope the original voice cast comes back together for the redo. I like Mayo Suzukaze as Kenshin’s voice I feel that it fits his character to be soft spoken.

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