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One thing that never gets old is the mysterious websites that publishers release with the whole countdown approach. If you remember, Dragon’s Dogma and Tales of Graces F both featured mysterious websites before an announcement was finally made for either title, and now it seems it is time to begin speculation as yet another website has launched from Namco along with a timer, which sets the date in question to May 12th.

Now from the picture, I want to say based on the sword alone, this could very well be a new Soul Caliber title or maybe even a new Tales game, but everything until Namco breaks their silence in just sheer speculation. Another thing to note is the url in question, which includes the phrase “beginning_of_the_new_chapter”, so I definitely want to believe this is looking like a follow-up or continuation of a past series (Yeah, I know, still not very helpful). We will keep a close eye on this website and as soon as more comes forward on this mystery, we will be sure to let you know. So what do YOU think this mystery project is? Check out the link for yourself by clicking HERE.

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  • Yes its gotta be Soul Caliber !! .. With Mortal Kombat just being released Namco have to share the love with their own Fighting game. It’s only fair don’t you think 😉

  • ropes

    It looks more like a Soul Caliber game, but I hope it is a Tales game because I love the tales series.

  • another mysterious countdown… original.

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