Namco Bandai to release Pac’n-Jump

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Here’s a game release that might have you jumping for joy! Namco Bandai are about to release a new game for iDevices called Pac’n-Jump. The game is a clone of the iOS hit Doodle Jump, but with Pac-man themes of course. Pac’n-Jump is a tilt controlled platformer that has Pac-man jumping from platform to platform, eating power pellets and avoiding or eating ghosts along the way. If Pac-man isn’t enough classic Namco arcade nostalgia for you, then good news, Pac’n-Jump will have a number of levels based on Namco games such as Rally-X, Dig Dug and a forever personal favourtite of mine, Galaga. Pac’n-Jump is due to be released on April 7th.

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