Namco Bandai to release Pac’n-Jump

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Here’s a game release that might have you jumping for joy! Namco Bandai are about to release a new game for iDevices called Pac’n-Jump. The game is a clone of the iOS hit Doodle Jump, but with Pac-man themes of course. Pac’n-Jump is a tilt controlled platformer that has Pac-man jumping from platform to platform, eating power pellets and avoiding or eating ghosts along the way. If Pac-man isn’t enough classic Namco arcade nostalgia for you, then good news, Pac’n-Jump will have a number of levels based on Namco games such as Rally-X, Dig Dug and a forever personal favourtite of mine, Galaga. Pac’n-Jump is due to be released on April 7th.

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  • v8hilux

    nice, shame they’re only concentrating on the iphone market though when globally as well as in individual countries it’s not even the most popular os. android and symbian still own most of the market.

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