Must have games for Windows Phone 7… coming soon

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After an initial outburst of great, licensed games on the new Windows 7 mobile platform, Xbox Live gaming has fallen a bit to the wayside on the smartphone.  It is comforting to hear that Microsoft plans to rectify the situation in the coming weeks.  Check out the trailer below for the hotness soon to be coming your way.

Whats that?  Oh, you just want to read what they are going to release.  Ok then, first up is Plants vs. Zombies.  Then comes Hydro Thunder GO! (get it, ’cause your racing, ON THE GO!  You got that right?)  Lets round off the list with Doodle Jump, Geo Defense and the most popular game ever… (drum roll, please), Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

Who I am I kidding?  You all knew it was Angry Birds.

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