Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios have today announced that Mortal Kombat has officially gone gold on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, meaning the development has been completely finished and it is ready to be shipped.

It is due for launch in the UK on 21st April, and in the US 2 days earlier on 19th April. Sadly for our Australian followers, it won’t be coming to Australia as it has been denied by the Australian ratings board, as you will have already heard if you’ve been following our coverage of the game so far.

The game hopes to mark a triumphant return for the series, with the fan favourite Fatality back and presented in more gory detail than ever before thanks to improvements granted by the graphical capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There’s also plenty of new modes adding to the game’s traditional line-up.

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  • blakehu

    Woa, MK rlz, Best fight game ever. 😀

  • roby

    withot a demo on xbox live is the game a little kid what needs money from sony thats not fair it is a long time on psn f…. wb i dont buy the game iam frustradet that we dont have the demo in austria mk is the best game ever but when the demo not comes out for all can be a problem for the pupl. they whant money and give no demo and we give no money for the game

    • mike

      yea its true that is the feeling from all xbox gamers head i see the posts in forums everyone is frustratet thats a problem for wb when they say later for xbox later later later what is that later thats a word no one want to heare we want a release for demo i think about it but i also dont buy the game when we become no demo in the next 3 days

      • daniel

        yes that we make all of my friends with you every one says the selve thats the puplisher have no idea what happens when they give xbl no demo psn have the demo 3 we. and we dont extra money for a demo ?? need the money or what is the prob all games of ps3 have excl con. i only say kratos or by other games the selve microsoft dont see what they make with the gamers we whant a better gaming we pai a lot of money for xbox live in year but without demo they will not become my money i wait this w. when the demo not comes out i dont want mortal kombat

  • v8hilux

    still no luck with the ratings board then? How’s the petition coming along?

  • jaypea360

    In the words of Homer Simpson, its just not fair dammit.

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