Meet Kingpin Mickey Cohen…

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Meyer Harris Cohen, also known by his alias “Mickey” is the notorious kingpin of all gangsters in L.A., with a record that includes larceny, extortion, alleged murder and a laundry list of other crimes that span all the way from his hometown in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles where he currently presides. In L.A. Noire, Detective Phelps looks to have a few run-ins with Cohen during his investigations and getting by this hardened criminal may prove to be quite a feat.

Cohen also is said to always be with his bodyguard, Johnny Stompanato, which makes encountering this madman all the more intimidating.

Rockstar have released a full Character Dossier for Mickey Cohen which you can check out on the official website. L.A. Noire is just a few weeks away now from release and soon we can all get to work on exploring this world filled in-depth personalities and real-life crimes that Rockstar have created in what is sure to be a big contender for game of the year.

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