Humble Indie Bundle now on sale

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Gaming and charity go hand in hand once again because the famous Humble Indie bundle is back. The Humble Indie Bundle games are all made by Frozenbyte makers of such games as Trine , Shadow Grounds, and many others. You can choose to support either the Child’s Play Charity, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the developers themselves, or even the Humble group.

The price is however much you want it to be any where from a cent to a bazillion dollars. Another cool thing is you can decide how much money goes to each group if you decide to give to more than one group and the games are DRM free. All you have to do is go to the website and download. This is but for a limited time so you will need to hop on it.  Now for the best part here is the games you can get with The Humble Indie Bundle:


Shadow Grounds

Shadow Grounds: Survivor

Splort (preorder)

Jack Claw (an unfinished prototype game)

Check out the official website here :

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