Hulu Plus arrives on Xbox 360 tomorrow; free until May 6th

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Microsoft has announced today that Hulu Plus will be launched tomorrow on the Xbox 360. The service will feature full Kinect support and will be momentarily free to all Xbox 360 users for the first week of service. This free week comes with a partnership to with Jack Link’s Beef Jerky so expect to see a lot of commercials involving beef jerky most likely.

If you still feel like using Hulu Plus on the Xbox 360 after the first week of free time then you will have to pay $7.99 a month extra to use the service. For those who do not know what Hulu is, it offers a variety of television shows usually the same day that they air only a few hours delayed. This service is good for those who may miss their favorite shows, or want to always have their favorite TV series at the wave of a hand.

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