HMV launch trade-in price-check mobile app

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Leading by example, HMV has become the first UK firm to launch a mobile phone app designed specifically to game trade-ins.

The app is available now on iPhone and Android platforms, free of charge. The  ‘re/play’ app lets you check the latest trade-in value of games and games consoles, either by entering product details or using a built-in barcode scanner. It also provides details about the latest in-store trade-in offers, as well as a store finder to find your nearest branch.

This app could prove invaluable for gamers who play games and trade them in shortly after completing them, as it saves them a journey to the shops just to see how much they can get for their gear. It looks like we could be seeing apps of a similar nature from rivals in order to challenge this step forward by HMV.

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I've been playing videogames since I was about 8 years old. The first ever console and game I got was a red Gameboy Pocket with Pokemon Red.
  • well they gotta do something to get a bit mroe money given the profit warning sthey issued.

  • Zowwerz

    Just seems a little lazy really, if you have a phone that can run apps then you have a phone that runs the internet. Many stores offer a service to check current prices online.

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