Help Ubisoft win a trip to Queensland

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So there is this contest going on over in Australia called the Million Dollar Memo which is basically a contest to get three employees from any company one million dollars (AUD) worth of traveling throughout Queensland.  Basically, the employees need to make a video about why their company is awesome and why they want to get away to Queensland.  Finalists will be chosen based on the number of shares, views and likes of each video.  Simple right?

Well, our good friends over at Ubisoft have entered and are asking for your help to win it.  Check out the video, it’s characteristically silly in the ways you would expect, being a bit tongue-in-cheek.  Share the video around and help Ubisoft win a trip to Queensland.

What have you got to lose?  And after all, if they win it they might be a bit more motivated to really get to work on releasing Beyond Good and Evil 2…because you know you want it.

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