Happy Easter From The Capsule Computers Crew 2011

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Everyone here at Capsule Computers from the Coolest (MasterAbbott) to the ugliest (toss up between RadicalDylan, Linkage or MattyVella – you guys out there can decide) would like to wish you all a Happy and Safe Easter. We hope that the Easter Bunny brings you lots and lots of yummy chocolate Easter eggs this year.

Travis, Dustin and Jed alone have destroyed enough Easter eggs to sink a small ship, but hey it’s Easter. The’re allowed (they’ll all go on a diet next week) Have a great day, eat, enjoy and be Happy.

Ohh by the way we’ll be giving away some cool video games at random times during the day to anyone that leaves us a Happy Easter comment here or just leaves a comment anywhere on the site. All winners will be notified by email so make sure you’re email address are valid when you register as a member or when you leave a comment 🙂

Happy Easter from Capsule Computers Crew 🙂

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  • gamer1pc

    Happy Easter to you too!!!

  • cythecoolguy

    Well guys happy easter to u too:)
     (•.•)o<(happy Easter)

  • blakehu

    Happy Easter everyone!

  • Chris Cerami

    Happy Zombie Day

    • Zowwerz

      Haha! It has a new name in my books

    • Cellophane Girl

      That’s totally what I was gonna say. 😛

  • I shan’t ever diet! You can’t make me!!!! Nom nom

  • Zowwerz

    Happy Easter all. don’t eat too much choccy!

  • Happy Easter everyone !! Enjoy the day everyone !!! .. And Jed you’re going on the Treadmill first thing Monday 😉

  • Cellophane Girl

    Sugar Free chocolate eater bunnies = not as good as real chocolate bunnies, not even worth it.

    Happy excuse to get hopped up on sugar day. (uh no pun intended). 😉

  • Michael Marr

    Happpy Happy Easter everah-body!!!!!

    😀 My sugar intake today has been at a comparative low so far… See, I’m going to buy all the leftover chocolate next week when it becomes uber cheap!

    *evil smile while rubbing hands together* >:)

    • Cellophane Girl

      lol 75% off chocolate. You get way more that way.

      I just want a cadbury creme egg. That’s all I want and I will be happy.

  • jayne pacheco

    appy Easter to you 2 Im cooking easter ham for the family

  • Merry Easter peeps 😀

  • Nikibaby219

    Happy Easter Capsule Computers!!! <3<3 ^-^

  • Doug M

    Happy Easter you rock

  • Zoie

    Happy Easter Capsule Computers! I’ve been spending most of my Easter Monday removing chocolate that has been smudged into the carpet by my kids and picking up easter egg foil that I am finding EVERYWHERE.
    Hubby has been playing the ‘Portal’ and ‘Assassins Creed 2’ on the XBOX 360 and the kids have been playing ‘Lego Harry Potter’ on the Wii.
    Other then today I’ve had a nice relaxing easter with the family :p

  • melanie w

    Having a fantastically relaxing long weekend playing games with the kids and eating chocolate.Happy easter all 🙂

  • babybert

    Happy Easter! I feel like I ate 5 lbs of potato salad!

  • tiffany ard

    LMAO y’all are too funny! @tiffany053p

  • michele malone

    we spent all day saturday at my mom’s house and sunday at hubby’s grandmother’s house. we still have to visit the in-law’s next weekend to finish making all the rounds.

  • blakehu

    It was a relaxing weekend for me, and had a lot of ham.

    • Cellophane Girl

      Ugh ham. I went to eat a bite of ham and it was just a chunk of fat and cartilage. I don’t think I want to eat ham for a while.

  • hey cellophane how did you get to keep your original pic?


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