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EA’s Coconut Dodge brings the PSP minis cult hit to the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Help the excellently named ‘Clawrence the crab’ dodge falling coconuts and weave through crazy airborne mazes to collect shiny treasures.

The game has multiple game modes including “Arcade” and “Maze Master” over 30 tropical themed levels that offer a multitude of fun challenges. Social support allows you to link in with Facebook and share your scores with friends, and a leaderboard extends its lifespan, with the easy to play, hard to master gameplay being practiced to reach the heights of the leaderboards.

It was released today for the price of $0.99 and can be found HERE

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  • Zowwerz

    Looks insanely addictive, may have to make a purchase!

    • oh dear not another one to add to your collection :p

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