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HOLY COW MICROSOFT!  This week, in addition to the regular deals of the week, Microsoft is discounting a ton of merchandise on the Xbox Live Marketplace.  For example, you can get the Halo Wars DLC for 400 MS points each (hopefully if everyone buys it, we can get a sequel, although it probably still won’t be the same without the original developers behind it.)  Also on sale is Alien Breed 1 & 2, plus Darwinia+ and Defense Grid.  There is also A HUGE PRICE REDUCTION on the Red Dead Undead Collection (basically, this includes all the DLC for 1000 MS points.)  Finally, on April 1, you will be able to pick up Comic Jumper, Fallout New Vegas DLC and the Deadliest Warrior for 1/2 off.  To see the whole list of deals, check out Xbox.com here.  What will you be picking up?

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  • v8hilux

    psn needs to take heed, not enough deals pop up on there.

  • Cellophane Girl

    I wanted comic Jumper, it was only 400 points instead of 1200, but I only had 260 points, so I got The Deadliest Warrior, since it was 200 points down from 800.
    Not an amazing game, but it’s still interesting to have a viking fight a ninja and such. 😉
    The X-men arcade game was on sale for 200 points as well, but I already had it.

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