This is real racing – NFS SHIFT 2 Unleashed

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EA’s newest Need for Speed game, SHIFT 2 Unleashed, will be released on March 29,2011.  If you want a preview of how realistic the game is purported to be, all you need o do is watch a real Pro of the racing world take on the virtual wheel and literally show you how its done.  Take a look as Tommy Milner  races the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca with a Corvette C6R.  Once the game releases, you will even be able to challenge his time in Autolog, as EA has conveniently included his Gamertag at the end of the video.  Of course, he has the racing wheel and all the fancy accessories, but come on!  Your not gonna let someone beat you like that right?!

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  • Love the screenshot of the Alfa !! That’s what MASTERABBOTT Drives around !! WOOT WOOT !!

    • so thats where my bonus went! and you said it was for your ailing cat. for shame. for shame.

  • v8hilux

    nice work, graphics look pretty stunning. wil be interesting to compare it to gt5 and grid. speaking of which isn’t grid 2 in the pipeline?

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