Rumor: Doom Movie Reboot in the works?

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If you remember back in 2005, Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson starred in the first movie adaptation of Doom. I didn’t hate the movie myself like most did, but it certainly wasn’t a brilliant piece of cinema by any means. Anyway, over at Aussie movie blog Whats Playing, a rumor has broke that a complete reboot of Doom is in the works via Universal. There isn’t a whole lot known at this moment, except that the studio is doing some “script scouting” for the new movie, which will be in 3D.

I could see a bit of potential in a 3D Doom movie, as if they use that first-person sequence that was in the first for a short period, it might offer some great eye candy. Hopefully though, we will actually see something good come out aside from a quick cash in on yet another video game franchise..for the second time in this case. I’m sure this will be just the first piece of news to come on this one, so stay tuned…

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  • ropes

    Say it isnt so I hated the movie since it came out and blocked it from my memory as I tend to do with all bad TV shows and movies. I expect the Saw treatment so let me get my gear and get ready to enter the sewage treatment plant.

  • The one thing that would improve a Doom movie – demons! Not some toned-down story of genetic mutation gone wrong. The whole point of Doom is demons escaping from Hell. Why they changed it to genetic experiments in the original movie is beyond me.

    • Zowwerz

      more demons, more demons!!

  • v8hilux

    no no no, the only good thing about the first one was when it went into first person shooter mode.

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