RIFT! Out Now!


Today saw the launch of the newest MMORPG from developer Trion Worlds and Publisher QVSoftware, RIFT.

RIFT is about a world full of Ascended who must close down extraplanar RIFTs which threaten the world of Telara, while also going to war with each other in an epic battle to prove which is the most supreme and to gain absolute control over the 8 elements.

The game features PvP battlegrounds, a public quest system which see’s players joining together to close down Rifts or defeat certain enemies, dungeons, a large world to explore, a level cap of 50 and a set of fully fledged endgame content. The game also boasts over 1million accounts since before launch.

See the pre-launch article for more info.

Head to the Official Site for extra more info.

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