With Duke Nukem Forever’s impeding release in May, it renders thoughts of the real action heroes Nukem is modelled after and how often they are swarmed by women.

Video games wouldn’t be what they are today without the tough, aggressive beefcake, welding multiple weapons and breaking hearts. Duke Nukem, a favourite among his fans, is a chauvinistic, hyper masculine tough guy with a penitence for violence and buxom women. He is often caught in the arms of his female admirers, smoking his infamous cigar and chewing out smartass remarks. If Duke was real, you would find him partying with the likes of Charlie Sheen, hands full of women and sex. Men like Duke are regularly seen with little self esteem and self worth. Some could say they are suffering from ‘small man’s syndrome.’

The action hero is often seen as an immortal, womanizing god but lately there have been some worthy participants jeopardizing the rank of the King.

Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series is a strong, reliable leader with a weakness for beautiful women. In multiple paths the player can choose often ends with Shepard in bed with one of his staff. He sent fans and critics into overdrive when he bedded half alien, half woman Liara T’Soni.

The controversial Jack Carver from Far Cry didn’t earn himself a strong fan base with his treatment of women. In Far Cry Predator, Jack meets a mysterious woman Kade who promises to give him whatever he wants if he helps her with her request. When she fulfils it, he asks if they can ‘go again.’

Snake from Metal Gear Solid is a man not seen far from a beautiful woman, caught a few times with his pants down. Niko Bellic of Grand Theft Auto fame seems to be rolling in sex, booze and drugs and Geralt from The Witcher is known throughout the land for his expertise under the sheets, bedding at least 30 women in the first game.

A special mention must be made to Grayson Hunt of Bulletstorm. The hunky space pirate admits continuously throughout the game as a self confessed ladies man but he never seems to make any successes with Trishka, his 18 year old team mate.

It doesn’t matter how many women they bed, or how many bad guys they kill, the quintessential  action hero is all that matters.

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  • I would have to say the most badass video game character would be Commander Shepard of the Mass Effect series, because he can punch out Krogans and drink like 5 shots of Turrian and Krogan liquor.

  • Rob hestar

    Hmmm tough tough choices…I’d say the top 3 would have to be duke nukem,godron freeman(I mean he never even speaks but you know he’s one bad ass mofo!!) and Kratos..

    Ima have to go with kratos..I mean he nails chicks and kills gods..Who else can say they do that!!.

    • Cellophane Girl

      Kratos is hardcore. My friend is so obsessed with Kratos he actually calls him “Saint Kratos” and will like pray to him for strength when he plays video games. Yes, my friends are really strange.

  • Kara Lunnemann

    Badest bad ass would have to be Wesker from the Resident Evil series. He mutates and is a killer to beat x

    • Yeah totally forgot about Albert Wesker he is one bad ass villan !! but then on the other hand Chris Redfield is even BAD ASS in his own special way. If he can take out Wesker that makes him that little bit better 😉 But then what about Marcus Fenix !! That man is hardcore to the MAX !!! A true legend in my books

      • Cellophane Girl

        Marcus Fenix is totally bad ass. Plus he is voiced by one of the greatest voice actors of our time, John DiMaggio.

  • blakehu

    My most badass is a bit funny but it is George Stobbart 🙂

    Okey now for real, the most kick ass guy is for sure Duke Nukem. 😛

  • v8hilux

    sex sells at the end of the day, and what lil 5-25 year old boy wouldnt wana be an action packed, toned, cigar smoking, womaniser if they had half the chance?

    • Cellophane Girl

      I dunno if 5 year olds are QUITE at the corruption level needed to want to be Duke. At least I sure hope not, they shouldn’t even know about such things. X]

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