Professor Layton becomes the face of Japan’s 3DS launch…

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This bit of news caught me a bit off guard, but it is still rather interesting. Of course by now you all know that the 3DS went on sale barely under a week ago in Japan, having sold nearly 400,000 units. Professor Layton & The Mask of Miracle was however the top seller between the actual launch software in Japan for the unit selling 119,591 copies altogether. To put this in perspective of how huge this really is, Nintendogs + Cats did in fact come in second for the handheld, but with sales just barely over half that. Even just at 60,000 copies, that is still very respectable for first weeks sales, so it seems the dogs still have it on their front as well.

Considering that the Layton series claimed the top spot out of all the Japanese launch titles says how popular the titles in general have became since debuting only four years ago. I for one love the Layton titles, but unfortunately Mask of Miracle still hasn’t received an official release date for overseas.

It just goes to show you how quickly the whole market can change in a generation and how ten years ago, the Layton series would not have even been possible without the technology that is the DS. Hats off to you Professor.

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