No Online Pass use for Crysis 2

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It sounds like at least some developers are willing to stand up for the rights of consumers, even if these consumers buy their games used. EA has confirmed today that Crysis 2 will not be coming with an Online Pass to access online multiplayer. The Online Pass system has become quite a nuisance to the gaming community due to the fact that it requires used game purchasers to buy a $10 access code to even play multiplayer for an extended period of time.

Though EA hasn’t released an official reason for the removal of the Online Pass in Crysis 2 it is thought that Crytek did not want to have a barrier put up between people who want to play their game. According to CVG the reason for Crytek’s ability to refuse the Online Pass is due to the fact that the company is having their game published under the EA Partnership program instead of being owned outright by EA.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    The whole pay to play multiplayer online is just horribly stupid anyway. Especially if you have a 360 and are already paying to play online. I want to play ONCE to play online for all my games on one system. I’d hate to have to pay $10 for each game I want to play online. The online community ends up suffering in the long run if everyone doesn’t have equal rights to play online.

  • v8hilux

    never heard of this before but fair play to em, especially standing up to EA.

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