New LEGO Ninjago – The Videogame trailer warns of Ice Dragon

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Those who aren’t getting a 3DS (or at least not for the meantime) may be interested to know that LEGO Ninjago – The Videogame which is coming exclusively on DS has been dated and given a new trailer. The trailer depicts a large Ice Dragon, just one of the many obstacles you’ll have to overcome in the game. The game itself has been confirmed as releasing on 15th April.

It’s aimed at a younger audience,produced to coincide with the LEGO Ninjago toy line and puts gamers into a world where ninjas face-off against evil Skeleton forces to restore harmony to the Earth, using the tornado martial art of Spinjitzu. Its part predecessor LEGO Battles was surprisingly strategic, so this could go the same way, offering a simple, likeable game for people to play with younger siblings or their children. Plus, it’s nice to see the DS still getting some support after the 3DS is out.

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