New CG Trailer Emerges for Okamiden;Available Early at Gamestop…

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If you haven’t yet noticed, we are just a few days away from seeing the launch of Okamiden in the states. Of course with this launch also comes a new trailer from Capcom, but this clip is quite different than what we have seen before for the title as it is a CG trailer.

The clip shows the young Chibiterasu nudging at a Nintendo DS with Kuni bursting out and hopping on the pup, which is shortly followed by a few clips of the actual gameplay. It isn’t much, but it does make me want to get this title even more as the art style and gameplay looks to be sharp and fluid. What I have also noticed though is oddly enough, Gamestop seems to already have the game in stock and selling it live on their website, so for those who want the game now, feel free to grab it a few days early from the retailer via online or in store. The rest of you though can check out the trailer below and stay tuned as our own review will be coming shortly.

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