Mobile Suit Gundam UC’s 3rd episode available on PSN and Xbox Live

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The latest installment to the Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn) series is now available on the PSN and Xbox Live in the form of Zune. The third episode to the series is called The Ghost of Laplace and is an hour long, featuring the Federation as it attacks the Palau stronghold. Also as Banagher encounters the Cyber-Newtype Marida the Unicorn Gundamn reveals a power hidden deep within itself.

The Blu-ray of the episode will be available on April 7th and for those who do not know what the Mobile Suit Gundam UC series is, then you need to go back and learn about your giant robot series. Mobile Suit Gundam UC is a series of high-quality hour long episodes that continues the pedigree of the Mobile Suit Gundam series with its action packed giant robot battles and intricate storyline.

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