L.A. Noire “The Naked City” pre-order DLC gets a trailer

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Earlier this week Rockstar released the various pre-order bonuses that would be given out depending on where you actually pre-ordered the game from. GameStop and EB Games have a certain pre-order bonus that is called The Naked City which is actual gameplay DLC with a new case. It begs the question as to how much these two companies had to pay out when they secured this pre-order bonus because this DLC even has a trailer of its own.

You can catch he trailer below and find out that the DLC involves a case where a fashion model has apparently committed suicide but not everything is adding up. Of course you will not have to fret because if you don’t feel like pre-ordering from either GameStop or EB games then you will be able to still download The Naked City a few days after release at an undetermined price.

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  • v8hilux

    can’t recall what suit you got now but think this was the version i was gona settle on. can’t watch the trailer though keep getting “an error has occured please try again later. 🙁

  • v8hilux

    finally got to watch this last night, think it was the computer i was using before as most of the videos i tried to watch on here didn’t work.
    as for the trailer, this is definitely the copy i’m gona try n preorder, just need to find out where you get this one in the uk. looks awwwweeeeesssssooommmmmmeeee

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