Homefront launch trailer prepares the resistance

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With Homefront’s release coming in only a few short days the good people at THQ have released their final trailer for the game in an effort to try and sway anybody who may be on the fence about Kaos Studios’ action game. There have been many war games but never has one been so close to home considering the fact that the North Koreans have taken over nearly the entire Western United States.

Of course that is where you come in as a member of the resistance. In an effort to overthrow the hostile occupation and eliminate The Great Leader you must work with your fellow resistance members despite the fact that some may sell you down the river as much as help you. Catch the launch trailer below and be sure to take a look at Homefront when it releases on March 15th on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • who thinks Homefront will take over black ops popularity?

    • I don’t think so. I would like it to though…Homefront looks like such an amazing game, it deserves to do well.

      • hopefully all the little kids stay with black ops and we can all play homefront. Dedicated Aussie servers yeah

  • amelia avossa

    This is supposed to be good cant wait to buy it x

  • v8hilux

    lol good ol’ north korea. are there gonna be dedicated servers across the glode or they just focused on the oz market?

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