Codemasters have announced that they are hard at work on the sequel to their successful formula 1 game released last year, specifying a release date for F1 2011 on 23rd September.

F1 2010 was both Codemasters’ most successful game to date, and the fastest-selling Formula 1 game of all time. After receiving a BAFTA award for F1 2010, I’m sure Codemasters have high hopes for F1 2011 when they put it out on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

This time round, they are also making a version for NGP and 3DS, although a date for these two versions hasn’t been confirmed. It’s good to see them taking on the new systems, so fingers crossed the make good use of the new hardware and all their new features.

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  • v8hilux

    can’t wait though i hope the damage is a little more realistic, codemasters blew me away with grid sure the damage at times was a little “bendy” but the damage level on f1 was the onl let down for me. everyone seems to want more n more realism in racing games in everyaspect other than damange to an f1 car.

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