Exclusive Rift Payment Model Extended


For all early adopting players of the Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game ‘Rift’; the exclusive payment model, Founders Pricing, at $9.99 a month for multiple months is being extended until the 31st of March for all who wish to pick it up.

The payment plan is exclusive to players who have adopted the game early, meaning since launch/ pre-launch, and is likely not to be available players after the date of 15th March, 2011. The pricing plan comes in multiple flavours, with the six-month plan being the best value for money under the current scheme. We have reproduced the  prices below –

Founder’s Subscription Plans

  • Monthly
  • $14.99 /month
  • $14.99 Billed every month
  • 3-Month
  • $11.99 /month
  • $35.97 Billed every 3 months
  • 6-Month
  • $9.99 /month
  • $59.94 Billed every 6 months

As opposed to the normal pricing of –

Standard Subscription Plans

This is the standard pricing for RIFT after 3/15/2011. Act now to lock in your savings with a Founder’s Subscription Plan!

  • Monthly
  • $14.99 /month
  • $14.99 Billed every month
  • 3-Month
  • $12.99 /month
  • $38.97 Billed every 3 months
  • 6-Month
  • $10.99 /month
  • $65.94 Billed every 6 months

For more information on pricing, visit the Pricing Webpage.

It should be noted that –

*Your payment method will be charged (on a recurring basis at your selected subscription rate) until you cancel your subscription. If you choose to cancel or change your subscription plan, the Founder’s Subscription plan will no longer be available.

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  • ropes

    For most newer players who have tried the beta and liked it the 6 month plan seems to be the best bet. The game seems fun enough to warrant a 6 month sub, but I am not sure about a year sub since it auto renews.

  • v8hilux

    not a fan of subscription games really, i know the appeal and can apreciate it but if you dont play it hardcore you’re p!ss!ng your money away and if you do you’re doing the same thing to your life.

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