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Ok wow! Just when the excitement couldn’t get higher for the new addition to the Mortal Kombat franchise, creative director Ed Boon has appeared on GDC and unveiled a truck load of new footage and features! I could talk forever about these announcements, but rather here’s a nice, easy to read list! WARNING TO ALL MK FANS: This may blow your mind and you WILL feel overwhelmed by its awesomeness, but don’t worry, your good buddies here at Capsule Computers are here to take care of you all, here’s a nice list of the newly introduced information from Mr Boon himself!


  • This title is focused at alot for the hardcore Mortal Kombat fans. In fact, NeatherRelm Studios even went so far to get some tournament players into the studio to test it in order to balance out the game.
  • The meter at the bottom of the screen known for the newly added ‘X-ray’ move also can be used for preforming breakers, similar to the ones in Mortal Kombat Deception, it’s also used  preform enhanced moves that are easier to do now, but players can’t spam it.
  • In a lot of ways, the controls are easier and more accessible than MK Vs DC.
  • Alot more custom combos are in this title, there’s very little attacks that are more than 3 hits, so theres a lot of juggling involved.


  • Some characters are more direct translated versions of the 2d games, such as Sektor, Cyrax, Sonya and Katana. (By the looks of things, Jax looks the same too, the best he’s looked since MK3 if you ask me!)
  • This game goes back alot to MK 2&3. If you have a favourite character from MK’s 1-3, chances are they are in this game.
  • It was implied that Kabal won’t be in the game, but it wasn’t confirmed. Perhaps he may be a DLC character?
  • There will be DLC, and downloadable characters.
  • It’s Implied, but not confirmed there might be an Xbox 360 exclusive character, much like how It’s confirmed PS3 will have Kratos from the God of War series.
  • It’s safe to assume that not all the character’s moves will appear in the moves list, and player will have to discover some for themselves.
  • There will be many alternative costumes based on the old, retro designs.
  • There’s heaps more characters yet to be announced!
  • Kratos has the most weapons in the game, using the head of head of helios, his bow and arrow and others.  His classic chains will be used in special moves, not a basic attacks, and can do some pretty sweet combos by the sounds of things.
  • Noob Saibot will not have a flesh version of his costume.


  • When creating fatalities for this game Boon said “There’re be one person saying ‘Oh no, that’s crossing the line, and we can’t do that!’, and that’s how you know you gotta do it! And so you have all these kinda morality arguments about on whats doable in the game, but when we started this game we knew we wanted to do a Mortal Kombat with fatalities that’d give you a kind of reaction like you felt when you played Mortal Kombat 1 & 2.”
  • It’s implied but not confirmed, there might be Bablities and/or Animalities in the game, but if it is, they won’t announce it and it would be for the fans to find themselves. More of a focus would be on Fatalities anyways as its going for a more serious vibe.
  • FATALITY TRAINING MODE! In a controlled environment, optional timer, indications where you should stand, the works. Everything you need to rip somebody’s head off in a few easy steps! Awesome
  • This Mortal Kombat will have the most stage fatalities in a game so far, and the most gruesome ones yet!


  • You can buy your way through challenges in the Challenge Tower, but it’s really expensive.
  • In Challenge Mode, the first few levels are tutorials, teaching you various controls and tactics, and then ‘crazy’ challenges come in around level 8.
  • Challenges Include: fighting people without heads, fighting zombies, stunt men and Tarkalans, target pacific body parts to attack, throwing limbs at enemies, fighting without heads, among other challenges.
  • Buy completing the 300th challenge, you will get the best reward ever, and you can use it online.
  • Many secrets of Mortal Kombat won’t be announced, because NeatherRealm studios wants to surprise us when we get the game.


  • Theres quite a few more online features still to be announced.
  • Koins make a return!
  • There will be hidden fights and surprises hidden throughout the game.
  • The fans will impact DLC alot. If they see a fighter’s name being mentioned alot via twitter and such, they’ll definitely making that character included in DLC.
  • There is an ‘epic’, ‘massive’ story mode yet to be revealed!
  • There’s a huge unlocking system in the game, similar to The Krypt in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, with hidden codes and unloackable features and a currency system yet to be revealed.


  • It was Ed Boon’s Birthday the other week, so Happy Birthday to him!
  • A retail truck tour will be touring the USA, hitting up retailers, including Chiago and Los Angeles and Ed Boon himself will personally appear at one or two of them!
  • According to Gamespot, Australia has a King, and his name is Bruce.

One small feature I noticed in gameplay footage which I found interesting was the personalised reactions to winning a round while the enemy is getting up. Jax will kiss a forearm muscle and Kano will spit on the opponent. It’s a small addition, but it really shows how polished the presentation is for this title.

Mortal Kombat is coming out April 19th on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but the exciting news doesn’t stop there! On the 8th of March, the Demo for Mortal Kombat will be available for Playstation Plus members, and open to all Playstation Network users worldwide on March 15th! An Xbox 360 demo will also be available on a later date.

We here at Capsule Computers have an online petition you can sign here to update the classification system in Australia to include an 18+ rating and to lift the ban of Mortal Kombat down under, check it out and help support the game!

Matt Vella. Capsule Computers' Community Manager. I say 'Laters' a lot.

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