Dragon Age 2 Infinite XP and Gold glitch already found

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Well that certainly didn’t take long. Only two days after Dragon Age 2 was officially released in the United States there has already been a glitch discovered that not only provides as much XP as you want but even enough gold to raise a small village on your own. The glitch involves turning in any quest that does not require a cutscene to finish.

There are a number of these “return lost item” quests throughout the game and this glitch exploits some sort of problem with the scripting of these quests and allows the player to constantly rack up XP and money. This glitch of course takes a lot of fun out of the game due to the fact that you lose any opportunity to level up on your own through questing. Plus enemies scale to your level, which means although you may be a level 28 Hawke and your fellow party members are level 28, your equipment will only be that of a level 5. What this means is that enemies will be able to tear you apart because of the drastic difference in equipment.

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