Double XP all weekend on CoD: Black Ops

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If you haven’t hit that 15th level of prestige yet then now is your chance to get yourself even closer to a gold gun and a colored clan tag because as of right now until March 7th (Monday) there will be double XP for everything that you do in Call of Duty: Black Ops. This is regardless of whether or not you purchased the First Strike map pack.

This double XP weekend coincides with the fact that the First Strike map pack is now available for the PC and the PS3 and also marks the second time that Xbox 360 users have a chance for have double XP. Regardless of this fact it certainly seems like a lot more people will be getting shot this weekend by an M16 across the map.

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  • DuraRoc

    It’s tops! Also want to add, new playlist, Nuketown 24/7 – just what Black Ops players have always dreamed of!

  • v8hilux

    i dunno about you guys in oz but here in the uk ps3 users had double xp and nuketown 24/7 when the dlc was released on xbox. not switched it on this weekend yet to see if the uk crowd have got it agin too.

  • v8hilux

    never got to find out if double xp applied to both consoles again this weekend? Anyone get to find out?

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