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This week, the Capsule Computers crew consisting of MasterAbbott, Matt, Dustin and Ben start out the news section with a bang.  Mortal Kombat has been banned in Australia.  Never fear though.  We are here to rally the troops and help you get in the action to change gaming history by fighting censorship – Can we break this DEADLY ALLIANCE ?? Or will there be ARMAGEDDON !!

Other than that, we also have exclusive coverage of the recently concluded Armageddon Expo. Reviews of Bulletstorm, Alien Breed and Killzone 3 are also talked about.  Are you ready to dive in and learn all about the latest news & reviews?

Also, don’t be doomed to a boring week; watch out for a sur-PRIZE code during the ‘cast!

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Mortal Kombat is banned!  Petition coming soon!

Catherine. Will it come to the West?


Nintendo 3DS Launches in Japan:

de Blob 2:

Alien Breed 1 & 2:

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Steel Driver:

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Beyond Good & Evil HD:

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  • MK UPDATE: Warner Brothers are appealing to lift the ban, we have some hope, even though if it does seems small. :s

    • Cellophane Girl

      Some hope is better than no hope at all. I hope it gets pushed through so you guys can play it, and don’t have to hold back your manly tears anymore. 😉

      • v8hilux

        fingers crossed it gets through.

  • Cellophane Girl

    When I play RPG’s I love just going in and out of an area to fight monsters over and over. I’m all about grinding. I like to have my characters as strong as possible. Though I think part of it is I just like to zone out sometimes and fight. 😉

    Also I’d totally play as Mama in Mortal Kombat. :: shakes baby like a British nanny ::

    Still listening to the cast, but at a hour and 20 minutes in, it’s awesome as usual. 😀

    • Dustin Spencer

      I’m with ya. I like grinding, but I like it to not feel like grinding while I am doing it. That is why series like Pokemon and Dragon Quest are among my top RPGs. As always Cellophane, great to hear your feedback 🙂

      • Cellophane Girl

        One of my favorite things to do is run around in tall grass in pokemon leveling up them up. I put on some music and just zone out until my DS needs charging.

        I used to have Dragon Quest VII, I think. I think I played it for like 30 minutes and totally forgot about it. I’m not sure I still have it. I went to check to see if I did but i didn’t see it. I have so many games that I haven’t really played but I keep meaning to. I could probably never buy another game and still never make it through the backlog of games.
        Today my goal is to play through some DJ hero, or FFXIII, or finish mini ninjas.
        I keep getting overwhelmed by the games I need to play and end up playing Rock Band, haha.

  • Cellophane Girl

    My husband just picked up Bulletstorm on Sunday. He’s been having a blast with it. I will hear him in the other room laughing and going “THAT WAS AWESOME”. He ran in the living room last night to announce he just got to ride on a robotic T-rex. He was giddy like a school girl.

    • v8hilux

      he couldn’t resist then :p well predicted hehe.

      • Cellophane Girl

        He got a $10 coupon from Game Stop, so he decided it was a sign that he should get the game. He got the last Epic Edition they had in the store. hehe.

        • v8hilux

          hehe it was his destiny. though is $10 off a sign to buy the Epic Edition :p good work though

  • Cellophane Girl

    The outtakes were especially hilarious this week as well.
    You should put a “Explicit content” advisory sound byte before the outtakes. Because that would be funny and it would keep the kiddies from hearing things that would corrupt their little minds.

    • Yes, good idea. thanks for the suggestion. We usually cut out a lot of hilarious parts that might offend :p We will consider it. The main thing is that itunes discrinates between explicit and clean and I am not sure how they will view it… super glad you enjoyed the podcast!!!!

      • Cellophane Girl

        If iTunes is a problem you might put up a “clean” version without the outtakes.
        I just download the MP3 directly and listen to it. I doubt many, if any people who listen to the podcast would really care about the “racy” outtakes but I thought it might help to cover it just in case. 😀

        And I always enjoy the podcast. It feels like my week doesn’t start until I listen to it. 🙂

        • v8hilux

          hehe would love to see the day you guys have to carry a parental warning 😀

    • v8hilux

      second that emotion. always give the outtakes a whirl. I tend to listen to the cast right of the page instead of downloading it as listen to it in work. unfortunately i tend to miss out on the promo codes either cause i’m busy on the day or don’t have access to my console :'(

  • v8hilux

    think the whole mortal combat issue is ridiculous. I mean fair enough if it was in a nation where they could argue on religious grounds etc like the middle east etc but Australia is a fully developed 21st century nation no more or no less balance or unbalanced than those good old yanks or us poms. I will definitely being adding my name to the petition.

    Shame on Rare for making Matty cry :p I’m all for the killing puppies & uringating on government buildings in the name of gaming haha! if they punch him in the face though you need to put a video up of that 😀

    nice final words of “aaaaaahhhhhh eeeeeeehhhhh”

    Reckon you should do some sort of friend referal cube points system. like a where did you hear about us and then the option to select an existing user. I only say that as my brothers just signed up in the past few days determind to out do me, but he’s a lazy bum. Yeah you heard me Jack if you’re reading this :p

    Keep up the good work, love the banter between you guys, especially in the outtakes.

  • v8hilux

    Hey, also I just thought, you guys should do like a bloopers episode a lil while down the line. You know how like comedy panel shows etc always do an unseen footage episode at the end of a series or a too hot for tv dvd. The outtakes are usually pretty damn funny plus i’m sure there’s things you haven’t included in that for obvious reasons, so a to hot for capsule computers episode would be pretty damn funny i reckon. well thats nmy two cents anyways :p

    • Cellophane Girl

      A “Too Hot” episode would be awesome.

      And you can make a whole fake DVD cover for it. :: imagines the possibilities ::

      :: giggles like a school girl ::


  • Importing the game even region free is actually illegal because the game has been banned.
    I have no idea how man X at the immigration postal KNOWS that MK has been banned but people have been fined before and it’s the same as importing an illegal gun or drug. MK is not ALLOWED in the country, I mean MS can and could BAN HAMMER anyone in Aust who tries to play it on LIVE.

    You import games at you’re own risk but the penalty is the same as being caught for piracy.And Master Abbot “hates piracy” …don’t pirate and don’t import!

    (that said I will prob do both : P )

    Just FYI The R18+ issue would have been brought before parliment in March/April but it got pushed back due to the State Elections so it WILL be heard and reviewed in the next meeting around July/Aug I think…and as far as I know everyone is on board and in favour including PM Julia Gillard.

    • actually, it is only illegal to sell the game in australia. As long as ur of legal age, you can play anything you want and import the game.

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