3DS gets melted in a microwave… on purpose

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We all know it was bound to happen. A new electronic device was created and released to the public. While some people around the world haven’t even had the chance to buy it in stores yet, others are busy destroying them in interesting ways. In a video from MicrowaveShow (guess what that is about) we see a 3DS utterly destroyed inside of a specially designed microwave.

Of course it was even better that the person who destroyed the 3DS not only turned it on but also had the camera running at the same time. Then again the actual handheld only lasts for a second before shorting out and then becoming a literal fireball. The leftovers could only be described as a completely slagged piece of technology. Watch the destruction of $250 below and ignore the filmer’s annoying voice. Do you think that is covered in the extended warranty?

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  • Dustin Spencer

    This made me sad. His money, but still a sad sight to watch.

  • v8hilux

    man that thing didn’t last 10 seconds. something to do when you got more money than sence i guess.

  • Zowwerz

    How stupidly pointless! Some kids (and me) would kill for a 3ds! Erggh, makes me mad.

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