Yakuza 4 comes with a bunch of DLC free

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Remember when we mentioned that when Yakuza 4 comes out in Europe and other PAL regions that it would be released with a special edition called the Kuro or Shiro Edition (black and white respectively)? Well there was also news that United States residents would not be able to pick up these special editions which game with a bunch of DLC and a steel game case.

Sega revealed today that, although there won’t be a steel case, those who buy the game new will also get a bunch of codes for the DLC which is available in the special edition; including survival mode, underground car racing, fighting arena, and even the extra outfits for the main characters. Now also if you are able to reserve the game at your local GameStop there will be a PS3 dynamic theme to show off the ten hostesses that will be in Yakuza 4. Yep, the hostess dating part of the game will be available in Western releases of the game as you can see in the trailer below. Fans of the series will remember that the Japanese version of Yakuza 3 included the hostess dating part of the game, while Western versions had this entire section removed.

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