Turn Your Wii into a Cozy Fire…

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When I first heard about this title, I admit I was a bit curious at how odd the title was for DTP Young Entertainment’s “Cozy Fire”. First off, to my knowledge, fires have never been cozy as if you try to snuggle a blaze, you will burn your flesh off. To my surprise though this title is actually a new simulation “experience” which turns your Wii into a fireplace. Cozy Fire is not a game whatsoever, as the only gameplay consists of striking matches and throwing logs into a fire, so it mainly acts as more of an application for your Wii. If you have ever seen the virtual aquariums that are on the system, this would fall into the same genre.

As well as watching logs burn, players can choose from fire alone, campfire, rustic, classic, elegant and Zen fireplaces, with of course all of the crackling and popping of a real fireplace. Cozy Fire is now available on the WiiWare Download service for 500 Nintendo points. I could “roast” (fire puns work well here) this title for being a…. virtual fireplace, but instead I am open to the idea of having app like releases on the Wiiware in this case as it actually sounds like something I would try out. With Valentines Day right around the corner, Cozy Fire just may be your own ticket to setting a romantic mood or might just simply add some nice atmosphere to a boring gaming room.

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