Super GEEK Bowl Give AWAY !!

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Yes I know that most of you are watching the Super Bowl XLV at the moment but there’s always a little time to enter a competition to win something cool. 

Tell us who you think is going to win this years Super Bowl and win yourself a video game.  (Could be on XBOX, PS3, Wii or PC)

Who’s got what it takes .. The Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers !!

Leave a comment below .. we’ll pick the best comment and award that person a prize.

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  • misselj

    I was thinking that the Packers would win without a doubt, but ya know, now i am honestly thinking the steelers could actually come back and win this thing!!! Gooooooooo Steelers!!!


  • missamoo

    Can I just say I dont care who wins!!!! I dont know anything about superbowl – should I bring a spoon???

  • ozlordsaint1

    Well what I can tell you is that this years Super Bowl biggest losers are the fans, thanks a lot.

  • Come on packers! woo hoo! or, we can still root for denver, right?!

  • Budge

    Don’t know much about it but the packers are so gonna PWN!!

  • blakehu

    Well if I could have watched it, I would sad Packers, but couldn’t becasuse different much time zones. 😛

  • its over but i say green bay

  • I’m guessing all the American’s are too drunk to post. And Aussies only watch AFL. Or Football as it used to be called

  • v8hilux

    Packers all the way… (please don;t noice the time differnce)

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