Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3DS – New Screenshots!

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It sure would be a pity to pick up a shiny Nintendo 3DS and then forget to buy any games for it.  Here at Capsule Computers, one of our goals is to prevent such atrocities.  As a result, we have some exciting news.  Tecmo Koei is releasing Samurai Warriors: Chronicles on the new system and we have handpicked a few select screenshots from the game to share with you.

As you can see, the gameplay will be very deep and may bring about some interesting results.  One of the coolest options is its utilization of the Street Pass system.  You can select 4 warriors to take into battle and then put your Nintendo 3DS in your backpack.  If you pass by someone with the same game, then each system will battle each other.  Hence, you can unlock unique, new items while just walking down the street without ever taking your DS out of your container!  This will be especially sweet in larger cities.

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  • v8hilux

    the battling mode seems pretty cool, like the idea of not having to actually play the game to progress at times. however unless the results are pretty much instantanious you’re not gonna be able to battle someone you pass in the street as you’ll both be out of range pretty quickly.

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