Retailers re-list Super Mario All Stars for Pre-order…

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If you recently bought the extremely limited Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary Edition when it hit the Wii late last year just for the collector’s value, then this might be bad news. Otherwise, if you were one of the people who grabbed a pitchfork and were ready to mob Nintendo as you missed your chance at getting a copy, then you should now rejoice as retailers such as Toys-R-Us & Gamestop have now began re-listing the Super Mario All Stars for pre-order on March 13.

Nintendo printed a very low supply of the compilation when it hit stores back in December, which left the fans who didn’t pre-order a copy mostly left out. Just recently, the title has been put back up on Gamestop & Toys-R-Us‘ websites available for pre-order. Gamestop have since removed the link though so I have a feeling Nintendo are getting ready to announce this reprint and as usual, these retailers might have jumped the gun on listing the game. The price is still planned to be $29.99 as well and it still includes all of the same content that the first run had. For all the people that hoarded copies to hold onto until later, sadly this also means your sealed diamond in the rough is now worth $29.99 at the moment as well. I do expect this print to be quite “limited” as well, but I am sure we will find out more when Nintendo officially announce this second print.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    Well maybe the people who hoarded it will get lucky and there will be some kind of indication that this batch is a 2nd run. If not, UNLOAD your copies now! Before people find out. ;P

  • jaypea360

    Just goes to show the demand for Mario is still strong, even if the games are old they have truly stood the test of time. And LOL at the hoarders.

    • Cellophane Girl

      Sometimes hoarder come out on top. It’s kind of like playing the stock market, except it clutters up your house more. ;P

      I own so many things that I’m like “wow I wish I had 2 copies of this so I could sell one”. But I refuse to be a hoarder.

  • v8hilux

    love mario had the original allstarss on the nes. it’s always easier to make choices in hinsight, i would of order 10 ps2s when they came out if i knew before hand you could sell em on ebay for the best part of £2000.00 after they went on sale.

    • Cellophane Girl

      True, but if you had held onto the PS2’s for to long they wouldn’t be worth what you paid.
      The timing is the hardest part.

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