PSN hacked already; users unbanning themselves and banning others

Sony Playstation 3 News

Wait? What? Apparently within only a few short hours of Sony banning people who have hacked their PS3s there is now already a hack that says that it will allow modders to get themselves into the PSN and unban themselves. This is already a problem in and of itself considering the PSN ban was supposed to be the last step to stopping the hackers.

But there is even worse news considering the fact that this hack will also allow modders to ban other PS3 consoles as long as they are able to get a hold of the console’s ID by tricking the owner. We have been tipped off to the existence of the hack and the fact that modders are simply not going to stand down and let Sony push them around. But in the end the only people who are going to get hurt by this are legitimate users of the console.

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  • jaypea360

    The hackers are not going to stand down and let Sony push them around,who do these people think they are.

    And banning other legitimate users is just disgraceful. With the amount of money Sony have you think they would be on top of this. Dirty scumbag lowlife rat hackers.

  • v8hilux

    the things is with hackers is the best in the business, well they never go and work in the business cause ‘that’s not what they’re about man’ plus at the end of the day its a person designing the code so someone somewhere will always be able to break it, even if it’s just the dude that created it. Not surprised to hear about it but then what’s the point in going around blocking others, there’s hacking to cheat a game then there’s hacking just to be an absolute knob!

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