Prototype 2 Gets a new Helicopter Kicking Teaser…

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We still have well over a year before Prototype 2 sees a release, but today Radical Entertainment revealed a new teaser which was inspired by a Penny Arcade strip. If you are familiar with Penny Arcade, back when the original title came out, Gabe gave off some of his own reasoning of why you should purchase Prototype, and a bit of that very strip starts off this clip, followed up by the main protagonist in Prototype 2 performing a kick to a helicopter just as Gabe described it two years ago. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself for the developers to not only reference, but release a whole trailer based on a Penny Arcade comic.

It will indeed be a long wait for Prototype 2 to release, but with clips such as this being used for early hype, there is no doubt that this sequel will arrive with much anticipation and fanfare. Check out the Copter kicking teaser below for yourself and hopefully many more of these teasers will release throughout the year.

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